Niamh Bhreathnach should remember “There is nothing like a Dame”

Hilariously on “Coleman at Large” on Newstalk 106-108 former Minister for Education, Councillor Niamh Bhreathnach of Dun Laoghaire CC objected when Marc Coleman referred to her as a lady minister. She objected to the word ‘lady’ and demanded the use of the word ‘woman’ in a fairly strident way.

“Fine Gael is full of ladies who lunch!” says me – cracking up at the unconscious self-revelation.

I kept thinking of South Pacific – Rogers and Hammerstein- “There is nothing like a Dame” – it just buzzes around in my brain.

The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘Lady’ as; a woman regarded as being of superior social status or having the refined manners associated with this.
The second meaning is simply put as a woman. Other definitions are a wife, qa man’s girlfriend, a ruling woman, (plural) a female part of an audience.

The same dictionary defines ‘woman’ as an adult human female, the female sex, and also gives funny examples – a man characteristics traditionally associated with women, a female domestic help etc

So thinks I, someone is being a little bit prissy or pretentious and Marc is being gentlemanly and courteous. Cop on and a little less self-regard and pomposity sometimes goes a long way and keeps people out of blog ridicule.

Niamh would have blown us all away if she had the cop to burst into a few bars of “There is nothing like a Dame…….

Ironically, if she was English and a former senior minister, she would likely be a “Dame”!!!