Islam, women and Sharia law. No to Dublinistan

I give notice that the subjugation of women under Islam will be a feature of what I write in the next few months. Women are more than 50% of the human race. Obvious. I object to stoning to death in Islamic countries and the death penalty in all countries. Iran should be ostracised. This is just a trailer. Dublinistan must never materialise. Never be afraid of these fanatics even if they threaten and murder people in the name of religion – fatwas etc.

Like the Skibbereen Eagle, Bill is watching you Islam.

By the way Bennie, I am also watching you and your curiosities in Rome but you (yis) have blown it and will continue to dig the big hole for some considerable time because you cannot buck nature. European culture needs a third Vatican Council to u-turn on infallability, virgin births, assumptions, celebacy, contraception, early abortion, sexuality, divorce, pastoral women, church property and collective responsibility. God is Great.

The question of how the European Conventions on Human Rights and Religions interact will be explored. There is a potential conflict between the right to religious freedom and Human Rights. When God comes into it, there is trouble because of the insistence of the one true path to God. God gives the claimants the power to kill in many cases. This is nonsense but nonsense was never an impediment to religious.

Lesson 1. Take a look on TV of the mantras in mosques and consider the group hysteria and molding. There is something forbidding about it.
However, remember the habits of nuns and religious in our streets before going on about Hajibs and Burkas etc. It is the command and control aspect of Islam – similar to the Irish Experience of Catholicism and the European experience with religious wars that is interesting. WOMEN in religious societies are second class citizens and beings.