Coleman at Large

Newstalk Radio 106 FM – “Coleman at Large” 1 st September 2010 discussing the economy, the banks, religion and beliefs and the effects on bahaviour in the recession. The ESB price hike of a 4.9% levy from October 1st as a result of a government decision to support renewable energy was also discussed.The illogicality of supporting peat burning electricity generating stations which are very high CO2 producers while also supporting wind farms is the sort of contradiction that only politicians as supine as the Irish effect.

The panel on the show with Marc Coleman were Kevin Humphries, Leader of the Labour Party Group on Dublin City Council, Dan White of the Evening Herald and Jill Kirby of the Sunday Times. Dan thinks we should get out of the Euro. Jill thinks that we will face a low income future and we should get used to a seriously reduced standard of living as this is inevitable. She thinks that all our wages are too high. I agree with that and our prices are also too high. John O’Donovan reviewed the US armed siege which a SWAT team sorted out and also the next day newspapers as usual.