Oratorical Brilliance – Questions for Moynihan and McAdam.

Questions for Rebecca Moynihan and Ray McAdam:- Star Players for Labour and Fine Gael.

Paper 1.

Pass candidates should answer only 4 of the 8 questions. Honours students should answer 6 of the 8 questions.

Q1. What was so above the mediocre in Cllr FF O’Callaghan’s Mexican Standoff speech on the Incinerator that it made the RTE TV 9 o’clock news and the Irish Times Editorial?

Q2. What is it about John Tierney that his many meetings with Minister Gormley which he listed do not render the Mexican Standoff more like a Tony and Gordon Cabinet Meeting?

Q3. Do you think that Cllr O’Callaghan confused Mexico with London?

Q4.Why did RTE ignore the manager’s report of his meetings with the Green Man?

Q5. Why did Cllr O’Callaghan not delineate the FF policy if it is different from Gormley’s?

Q6. Why did Cllr O’Callaghan not demand that FF Ministers involved in the Incinerator project from Agriculture to the Environment to Finance when the decisions were made, release what they know and authorised about the gate cost per tonne of waste for incineration when they signed off on the project?

Q7. Why did Cllr O’Callaghan not demand of Minister Gormley that he publish the Waste-to-energy contract given that he has a copy?

Q8. Why is political leadership so pathetic near Poolbeg?

I ask the two councillors not to confer but they can phone a friend for advise.

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