Boxing in the Community – Development Officers

Five officers were appointed to these positions, which are part funded by Dublin City Council in early summer. Thomas Aherne was assigned to the North West Area. He is currently working from and based in the Poppintree Community Sports Centre. The brief of the boxing officers is to promote develop and encourage participation in boxing across the community. As well as working in their own areas, they will also come together a number of times during the year to promote and develop city wide projects.

Summer Programme 2010

Poppintree Youth Project were approached by the Boxing Development Officer to consider taking part in the Start-Box programme. Following discussions, it was agreed to offer the Start-Box as part of the youth project summer programme. This programme provided training of youth workers and facilitated sessions with young people to attain their bronze, silver and gold awards. The young people were very interested in trying out boxing so there was a great response with interest from both young men and young women. Two sessions were arranged for the different age groups with a good turn out each week for the sessions.

Overall this was a very successful programme, and there was a great response from young people of all ages. Both mixing groups and single sexed groups worked and there is a big interest in the next phase. Some of the young people have shown an interest in joining the local boxing clubs.

The Ballymun Regional Youth Service also joined in offering the Start-Box programme. Sessions were held throughout June and July. The groups were mixed and there was a good level of engagement by the participants especially in the games element of the sessions.

TESO [Traveller Education Support Organisation] Following meetings and discussions with this group, it has been agreed that new boxing programmes will form part of their after school activities commencing in September.

Aisling Group – Ballymun
I have met with the group and they are very interested in the programme. They have agreed to run the programme as part of their after school activities programme. Two of their leaders are waiting to participate in the level one coaching course.

Finglas Youth Project
Having met with the group they are almost ready to commence the programme. They have two youth leaders waiting to participate in the level one coaching course.

Virgin Mary School
I made a presentation to the principal and vice principal of the school. They were very enthusiastic about the programme and see it as a positive tool in promoting the health and development of their pupils. It has been agreed that the boxing programmes will be included as part of the P.E. curriculum for the school commencing in September.

Local Clubs
I have been in regular contact with Ballymun Boxing Club, St. Pappins Boxing Club and Finglas Boxing Club since my arrival as boxing development officer. I have had discussions with them on issues such training, coach development, new members, promotions and general club development. A very good working relationship exists and I will continue to advise and support in whatever way the clubs deem appropriate. A new club is being set up which will be named the Three Bridges Boxing Club. They will cater for the North West Area and have their committee and coaches in place. They are currently trying to finalise a venue to work from. I will continue to help
this new club in whatever way I can.

Hugh Kilbride
Centre Manager
Sport and Leisure Services