Finglas Environmental Update

DCC City Neighbourhoods Competition
Over 100 applications forms were sent to Residents Associations and Schools in the North West Area for the 2010 City Neighbourhoods Competition.
48 applications forms were received back from Residents Associations
7 applications were received from schools.
The competition consists of 18 categories and we received entries for 17.
All applicants were offered support and assistance from the North West Area.

The Local Awards Ceremony was held in the Finglas Youth Centre on Thursday 2nd of September. The awards were about acknowledging the selfless work done by volunteers in our community. Over 100 people attended the ceremony and awards were presented to 38 groups on the night.

The City wide Awards will take place on Thursday 30th September in Croke Park Conference. Invitations will be issued by Waste Management for this event.

Heritage Week – Walking Tour
On Wednesday 25th August during National Heritage Week we organised in conjunction with the Finglas Historical Society a walking tour in Finglas.
We visited Rosehill House, Glenhill House and St.Helena’s House where people learned about the history behind these buildings. This heritage walk attracted a group of 75 people many of whom were locals and also many who travelled from all over the City to join us.
The walking tour was again led by the acclaimed historian, author, artist and tour guide Pat Liddy. Pat has been instrumental in promoting the City’s heritage and history through various involvements with literature, the media and arts.

The walk finished with light refreshments in St. Helena’s House where people who had participated swapped stories of their fond memories of Finglas.

In conjunction with the Halloween Festival we will once again pull together all resources available to us in order to reduce the number and size of bonfires in the area. We will work closely with the Garda, all local groups and residents in order to obtain information in relation to stock piling of materials for the purpose of a bonfire. We will issue warning letters to a number of residential areas advising them of their responsibilities prior to Halloween. A white good waste collection has been arranged for Saturday 2nd October at Tesco Clearwater. Further dates/locations will be confirmed prior to Halloween.
Please ensure that all information in relation to stock piling is reported to the Finglas Office on 222 5496 / 222 5415 / 222 5400. All complaints will be investigated.

Litter Fines
From 1st January to 31st July 252 Litter Fines were issued in the North West Area.
139 fines were issued to members of the public.
113 fines were issued to businesses in the area.

14 prosecutions have been initiated in relation to unpaid fines within the area. Summonses have issued in respect of 12 of these cases. These cases are for hearing on 7th September, 14th September and the 12th October.
Members will be informed of the outcome.

Graffiti removal is ongoing. This is being removed weekly. The large area between Barnamore and Lakeglen Estate was cleared of all graffiti on Wednesday 8th September.
Any incidents of illegal dumping or graffiti can be reported to our Free Phone Litter Hotline 1800 251 500 or direct to the Finglas Area Office on
222 5496 / 222 5400.

Domestic Waste Waivers
The North West Area has been processing their own waiver applications for over a year now. This process has been very successful and since its introduction we have processed the following:
1071 waiver applications received
792 have been granted
279 were returned for additional information.

City Wide it is estimated that over 35,000 people are currently on a waiver. Since January 2010 only the standing charge is been waived for these customers. They now must pay for each bin lift. If this bill is not paid it will result in non collection even though a wavier has been granted.
If anybody wishes to discuss their Domestic Waste Account they should contact 222 1000 / 222 5400.

Public Domain 5/7 Cleansing Crew
In July the Public Domain 5/7 crew was reduced by two men, with one person redeployed to the City Centre.

The effects of this reduction have become visible on the streets. We are currently reviewing the existing prioritised routes. We will have to revise these routes to shorter routes mainly covering high priority areas. This will result in many streets currently being cleaned a number of times a week reverting back to being cleaned by Waste Management when possible.

Smart Recycling Facility Jamestown Road
Following a recent inspection of the above facility it is our opinion that Smart Recycling may have ceased trading at this location.

Tables and Chairs outside An Cappagh Nua – Barry Road As requested in June, the Planning Enforcement Officer issued a Section 152 Warning Letter to the Owner/Manager of the Cappagh House, with regard to tables, chairs and protective screen being provided outside of the premises and instructing the removal of same. Following a number of inspections in August the file has been closed as all the tables and chairs have been removed.

Tree Planting
If any residents group, estate or location in the area would like to put in a request for planting of new or additional trees, if details could be supply to the Public Domain Officer, we will seek to include these requests when Parks are preparing the planting programme for 2010.