Politician of the Week – Brian Cowen

Great entertainer at the FF shindig in Galway, singer, mimic, raconteur;
very clear in content in his interview on Morning Ireland; retains full
confidence of his cabinet according to Batt O’Keeffe – he would say that
wouldn’t he ( yes Mandy); is supported by Green Leader Gormley; managed to
focus the country on the effects of binge drinking alcohol and hangovers;
provoked Joan Burton into scolding Simon Coveney over the use of the word
“drunk” in a Tweet; confirmed that FF is the craic party; induced Mickey
Martin into learning lessons; got the whole country into Cowencentricity
for the week; undermined the morale of the FF backbenchers if that was
possible; induced John Moloney to give a comic performance opposite Peter
McVerry on Tonight with Vincent Browne on TV3; got all the papers writing
about him; steered the media away from Labour, Gilmore and Michael D; gave
Enda a lift; has Mammy batting for him in public – no better woman (Bill is
a Mammy fan;

He did it his way – all by himself – what a guy! There wasn’t a pint of
Bass in sight.