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Just as Beautiful: Britain’s first plus-size magazine

The UK has its first full-figured magazine, Just as Beautiful. But did anyone ask for it? Vanessa Green shares her thoughts.…

Posted By Vanessa Green, Thu 30 Sep, 2010 02:55PM BST

Get ready ladies: Britain will get its first curvy-girl magazine this month as Just as Beautiful, a glossy aimed at women between a size 14 and 20, launches in the UK.

The magazine dedicated to larger women will only feature models that are size 14 and over and the magazine’s editor, Sue Thomason, has promised that there will be ‘no airbrushing out bits of [the models] bodies.’

Though it will include articles about fashion, lifestyle, exercise and cooking it will be without one female-magazine staple: dieting tips.

The magazine is filling what the publishers believe to be a gap in the market for larger women who want content that embraces their body type.

Just as Beautiful began three years ago as a free, subscription-only digital publication sent by email, which had a circulation of 30,000. This month, however, it has launched as a bi-weekly magazine and will be available in select stores for £4.70.

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But doesn’t a magazine that caters to only ‘one’ body type seem to continue the division and segregation of women based on their specific shapes? Though it’s fair to say most mainstream magazines are slow to feature full-figured women more prominently in their magazines, they are making strides to incorporate a variety of body shapes. And with New York Fashion Week giving full-figured women some much needed time on the catwalk, it seems that the fashion industry is, even if painfully sluggishly, attempting to unite women of various figures.

Shouldn’t there be a push to continue to include women of all shapes and sizes within the fashion industry instead of continuing to segregate and single them out, which only seems, despite good intentions, to put more emphasis on body size?

Perhaps that’s just wishful thinking.

And the title: Just as Beautiful? As if by default all larger women assume they aren’t? The name itself seems both condescending and sad – because no plus-size woman would have the confidence and self-assurance to believe she was attractive unless a magazine reminded her with a big, glossy patronising title.

And to add a little extra sting, visit their website and you’ll be greeted with James Blunt’s ‘You’re Beautiful’ serenading you in the background.

But wait; shouldn’t it be ‘You’re Just as Beautiful’?

So what do you think? Should we embrace this new plus-size only mag or is ‘Just as Beautiful’ a waste of glossy paper?

  • Respense 

    Around ten years ago I used to buy a magazine called “YES” which was also aimed at bigger women, so this is not a new concept. The magazine went out of print due to lack of enough readers.
    Maybe now there are more bigger women around who are also loud and proud, this magazine will survive. I was a size 26 for some years, and am now an 18 after 2 years of sensible eating and exercise. I am often asked if I have had a gastric band! I am more comfortable all round now, but have no wish to be a size 6 or 8. I did it for my health, as I am now over 50 and was developing risks of diabetes and heart problems.
    In the last 5 years I have seen a real growth in retailers offering clothing to fit us fuller figured ladies, for example New Look, (up to 26) M and S and Next (both to a point).
    I love being able to shop in “normal” shops, but agree that I should have been able to do that at a size 26 too.
    Unless you have been overweight, big and beautiful or whatever you want to call it, you cannot know how demeaning it is to have to shop in specialist stores. I am waiting for the day for all retailers to include the plus sizes in thier collections, so we can spend our plus sized pounds!
    They are all missing a trick, I hope this magazine champions such causes, whilst encouraging a healthy lifestyle.Respons


  • is this publication doing any more or less to promote the division and segregation of women based on their size or weight than any other rag out there? no, for crying out loud.

    like you yourself said, “The magazine is filling what the publishers believe to be a gap in the market for larger women who want content that embraces their body type.” pure and simple. like a sub-genre; think of a mag catering solely to rock music instead of all music, like a mag dedicated to football rather than all sports.

    basically, one freakin’ magazine for women above size 8 isn’t the end of the world, sheesh.


  • that’s horrible! this magazine encourage fat women to remain fat, while we tax payer are paying £10,000.00 to help them to loose weighs through the nhs! that sicken my stomach! they should not do shuch a magazine! because at the end the same magazine that i bought give you tips on how to loose weighs, so who are they fooling!! God, even him can see through clear that obesity is not a disease but a gluttony!! that can be stopped if you really want to.

  • Hide the biscuit`s & cakes & get real & fit you lazy bunch of munch,I mean If your feet where over-sized or you hands where of balloon proportions you would be accosted in the street as an oddity, but it`s fine to be a hunch front, no change that to ample. Ha ha.

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