Moss Keane: Letter from the East Terrace at Lansdowne

Dear Moss,

Legend is an often misused word but when “Mossie Keane” and ‘Legend’ are put together, there is a real symmetry. Currow must have been some place Moss – yourself, Doyler and Mick Galwey. All great men, all great characters! For a fan and an extra B player like me, you were a very special person. You were earthy and real and always nice to the kids at Lansdowne and around the other grounds.

Dave Wakefield and myself has the privilege of sitting in the posh stand at Twickenham when Ginger dragged you and the rest of the pack over the line in 1982. Peter Winterbottom’s late aulfella John gave us the tickets so the hoi polloi were understandably shocked to have two Oirish in their midst as you and the pack wracked havoc on the pitch. We were so proud of you Moss. Any Welsh ….(gentleman) getting uppidy was dealt with and you never complained on or off the pitch. Moss you could mix it with the best. Willie John, Con Feighery, Basher, Donal Lenihan – you were special.

The John Reason stories from New Zealand Lions Tour are classics. Reason nearly died for his county!!! (He was rugby correspondent for the Daily Telegraph and not exactly an Ireland fan).

For Lansdowne, I remember the lineout calls in junior sides based on you. None of us will forget the great battles with Rock in all competitions in the 1970s and early 1980s. It was one hell of a lot safer on the terrace. Lansdowne is a club with a rich Munster tradition. You added legend and lustre to that. It differentiates us from the ‘old boys’ brigade and we all know it.

Then when you were ill, your bravery was just what we expected. No more – no less.

We, the Lansdowne, fans all know that your Anne is a great woman and we offer our condolences to Anne and your daughters Sarah and Annemarie. You are unforgettable Moss.

In Heaven Moss, tell Mick English, we are asking for him.

We will miss you Moss,

Bill Tormey