What is best for Ireland ? Fine Gael or Labour steering the recovery ship? Cold objectivity rather than personal careerism is necessary.

The issue of importance to me is the relative size of the Labour and Fine Gael in the next Dail.

I believe that Fine Gael’s bank policy and recovery jobs policy (Richard Bruton’s website) is clearly better worked out, safer, realistic and more likely to work. I would have acted to guarantee BoI and AIB on 30 september 2008 had I been forced to make the choice at that time and in those circumstances. I thought that Labour was simply wrong then and Nothing has changed my mind. Just read Professor Honohan’s report and make up yopur own mind.

However, Fine Gael should not have fallen in with Fianna Fail so comprehensively at the time. My dog “Fluffy” would have objected to lying down with Anglo Irish Bank. Systemic? No, Professor Honohan, No! Fine Gael’s subsequent policy position is light years ahead of Labour and Fianna Fail. Matt Cooper addresses a numerical conundrum for those who have particular confidence in Noonan, Bruton, Varadkar, Coveney, O’Dowd and Hogan in comparison to Joan and company. I have confidence in Pat Rabbitte and Ruairi Quinn who are economically literate.

The realisation among the public that Brian Lenihan has been a disaster in Finance is slowly becoming apparent. Gormley’s call for a national government is laughable. Call and election John and see if you beat the odds! Gormley’s problems will be Ruairi Quinn, LucyLoo, Clever Andrews and Kevin Humphries. The Incinerator will be built and the issue forgotten about in 18 months. John you will be gored by a bulling electorate.

Matt Cooper’s musings in the Irish Examiner on the Enda Kenny issue are interesting. Enda has worked magnificently for years and does not deserve the shredding he got recently in the Sunday Independent. But as a putative Taoiseach, there is a public interest in Enda that transends the interests of Fine Gael. I hear it everywhere I go. It is the same refrain for years only gathering pace. Can Mark Mortell change the game? This is a very serious issue for Ireland.

We need to grow the economy to close the budget deficit. The national indigenous economy is still contracting or at best standing still. Bruton, Varadkar and Rabbitte – may be able to get things going. I hope so. More to come.