Finglas for Diversity

This is a group set up to integrate everyone into the community at Finglas. The vast majority of older people in the area have come to Finglas from elsewhere. The new Irish are also very welcome and website is available for the community. Kerry Lawless from Hazelcroft made the welcoming speech.

Who are we?

Finglas for Diversity is a multi-agency network of local service providers and community groups working to highlight the benefits of a diverse and inclusive community. The group is made up of representatives of community groups, statutory agencies and local residents. Membership is open to individuals and groups in the area who are working to promote diversity. The Finglas for Diversity group came together in response to a number of racist incidents in the area and in recognition that collective action was needed to develop an integrated response to combat racism and promote diversity. What do we do?

Our objectives are:

To inform members of the local community through education and training
Network and meet with individuals and communities
Respond in a variety of ways to discrimination at a local level Lobby through national representative bodies against discrimination
What do we stand for?

The Finglas for Diversity group works towards creating an inclusive community that celebrates diversity and challenges all forms of discrimination. Why do we think diversity is important for Finglas?

Finglas has always been a culturally diverse community. As with the rest of the country the level and range of cultural diversity continues to grow bringing a variety of new cultures, ethnic backgrounds and nationalities to the area. While most residents are happy to work and live with people from different cultures, there is a perception that Finglas’ growing interculturalism is a negative development and evidence that racist behaviour has increased and intensified. By working together to show the positive aspects of inward migration, we hope to support the integration of new communities, promote interculturalism and help prevent racism in the area – which can only benefit the whole community. The Finglas for Diversity group works towards creating an inclusive community that celebrates diversity and challenges all forms of discrimination.

We aim:

  • To promote the benefits of a diverse society
  • To challenge discrimination
  • To educate people about diversity
  • To promote equality, access and inclusion
  • To challenge stereotypes
  • To accept and respect difference

Our activities include:

We provide training locally to promote anti racism awareness. We also organize training for trainers programmes

Historical Cultural Awareness
We encourage people to look at their own history and become aware of their own cultural roots

We organise intercultural events and activities to promote the positive benefits of a diverse society.

For more information on Finglas for Diversity contact:

Paul Rogers

C/o Finglas Cabra Partnership

Tel: 01 836 1666



Patricia Burke

C/o Project West

Tel; 01 864 3847