Players – Bad Boys – and Women – (Notes for YFG if anyone meets a stunning Ogra!!! by chance of course) – Calm down Ray!

Meeting Women – Why The Player Is Successful With Women

Most guys, when working up the courage to approach a woman they are interested in, treat the situation as if it’s life or death. Even before they say their first word to her, many guys have already, in their minds, started fantasying about their future life together.
Dating, sex, marriage, and all other types of romantic notions start floating around in their brain. As a result, they end up putting so much pressure on themselves, that they either lose their nerve to approach a woman or totally blow it if they do.
If they actually do get a woman to start talking to them, or even showing the slightest interest in them, most guys have so few romantic options, that they feel the need to latch on to her like she is the last lifeboat on the Titanic.
Besides putting pressure on themselves, they are putting tremendous pressure on the woman as well. No woman wants a guy hanging all over her for dear life. And no matter how much she may have liked you at first, if you start acting all needy and clingy, she’s going to pull away from you in record time.
So how does this life or death mindset differ from the mindset of a “player” when he meets a woman.
First of all, because he has plenty of options, the player doesn’t get too excited or worked up when he meets a new girl. She is just one in a string of hot women he is connecting with on a regular basis.
Because of this, he is much more relaxed and in control of his emotions. It’s very much a case of ” the rich getting richer”. When the player is talking to a woman, he is very much in the present, and not fantasying about the future.
Because he has options, he can easily walk away from a woman at any moment. A woman will intuitively pick up on this vibe, making the player much more challenging and attractive to her than an insecure, clingy guy she can easily manipulate and even abuse, knowing he will put up with it.
Since the player doesn’t get too invested in any one girl, he is able to approach and talk with women in a much lighter and carefree manner. This makes him seem much more fun and exciting to date than the needy guy who, in contrast, seems way too serious, way too soon.
What you should learn from all this is that even though you may not reside in player territory yet, you can at least emulate the player’s mind-set. Lighten up, have some fun, don’t let your imagination run away with you, and don’t give up your self-respect just to get a woman to like you.
If you can do this, you will very quickly notice a change in the way women react to you. You still may not be a player, and you may not want to be, but you sure will start feeling like one.
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