Children at Risk from Fianna Fail’s scorched earth – Fergus Finlay says an election is a necessity.

Talking to by friend Fergus Finlay today, he was very angry about the state of the country. The consequences for Bernardos and the Children they serve are very severe. He will have to crushing task of making people redundant for lack of funding.

Fergus has created problems for me in Fine Gael in his bid for the presidency. I will have to ask Enda’s permission to campaign for my longtime friend unless he’s an agreed candidate. Difficult one that, you’ll all agree. Maybe Enda and Phil Hogan will develop temporary blindness and deafness for a few weeks.  What would you do if your friend ran for president? Campaign against him/her? I don’t think so. Anyway, Michael D may make the whole thing irrelevant. PS, my personal vote should not be interpreted as a vote for Eamonn Gilmore.

Anyway, Fergus is exercised by a few issues, as you can imagine. Why, if we have been driven out of the bond market, was the last small tranche oversubscribed by a factor of four? Why does the media give the impression that it is up to Fine Gael and Labour to save the country right now but leave the state wreckers at the wheel? Media! Is that not a form of antisocial behaviour by you lot? Surely, there should be huge headlines across all the papers demanding an Election? It seems that the press expect Fine Gael and Labour to underwrite Fianna Fail in the national interest. Fergus claims that in the Dail debates in 2008 October, Labour said that they would have guaranteed the existance of AIB/BoI but not Anglo and Irish Nationwide??? I told him that Honohan did some academic manoeuvres to get Anglo into the systemic column in his report. I also said that FG should not have given a blanket guarantee. I would not have. But Richard Bruton’s bank policy after that was probably the best. Maybe still is.

I told him that I was proud of Team Fine Gael in the past two weeks. Meaty numerate and good sense. Noonan playing a blinder. Fergus thought Enda Kenny was good after the Leaders meeting.

I suggested to Fergus that we have to get the budget deficit down below 10% GDP immediately and then negotiate to avoid an economic wasteland. I think that fergus is in the ICTU camp.

It is noteworthy that Enda Kenny also listed a jobs stimulus as necessary in his responses.