Public sector reform – Open the curtains and democratise. Fine Gael must make accountability and freedom of information a cornerstone of the new policy.

I have worked in the public sector all my life. The culture of mediocity, bullying, information suppression, managers managing managers, poor communication, pseudocommunication, lack of respect, conflicts of interest and absense of real accountability have been trade marks. Dissidents are persecuted, sidelined and ignored.

This has to change.

We need to reverse the culture. Openness and binning of gagging clauses in the public sector must be the norm. Forget about corporate loyalty and the nonsense that follows. Everyone must be accountable. Service must be the watchword of everyone. A public servant is a servant of the public.

However, 24/7 operations are unhealthy as has been proven by the effects of shift work on health. We do not need managerial oppression of workers in a civilised society.Honesty can go a long way. Fellows living in €3.5 million houses are not the appropriate people to lecture us about equality and income gaps. Cop-on is necessary sometimes.