Finglas Village

On this site on the 10th September, I wrote a note on the contents of a meeting I had with Mick Bailey of Beauvale Developments.

“I asked Mick how he could help in the Finglas Village regeneration. He suggests that a CPO is used to assemble the whole site and develop a horseshoe shaped series of neighbourhoods with a Supervalue type supermarket in the centre, as a completely new concept.

As Marumba (the current developers) is defunct, this at least is a new idea which we should investigate.”

Then to my surprise I find that Labour read my musings and Councillor Redmond put a motion on the agenda to the Northwest Area Committee on 21st October which read “That consideration be given to initiating a Compulsory Purchase Order for the main parts of Finglas Village so that Dublin City Council can oversee its redevelopment, possibly in partnership with the private sector.”

Then Neil Callanan in the Sunday Tribune 24th October 2010 (p47) reports that Marumba the owners of the Village Shopping Centre could be bought by Dublin City Council and Labour claims that the Council would buy the centre and manage its redevelopment. Labour TD Shortall is quoted “I don’t think it’s worth an awful lot so the council could see whether we could come up with a proposal to redevelop the village with small shops, cafes, bars and an element of housing to replace what’s there. There’s a need for some initiative amd I’m sure that you could get it for as bargain-basement price. It might stack up financially so it would be useful for the council to consider it.”

Comment from Bill. Thanks Shortall for your diligence. Keep reading this site. You will learn things.. Dublin City Council has an income shortfall of – €19 million currently. I am unaware of DCC getting involved in the CPO of a commercial site to part develop itself. The Covanta situation is not comparable. It is more likely that Mick Bailey and Beauvale could be encouraged and assisted in developing the Finglas Village so that some forward plan could now be devised to replace the previous megaplan of Marumba (Spain, Courtney, Doyle and McNamara). Barclay’s put the property company into the receivership process. Mick Bailey said to me that he would commission his own people to come up with a development. Shortall should steer clear of business and money matters. Vincent Browne provided some of the evidence on that front. Swimmers should not get out of their depth.