Axis Theatre and Arts Centre Ballymun

This centre under the direction of the Board and Ray Yates is an intergral component of the soul of the new Ballymun. Regeneration is not just about buildings and the physical environment, it is about self respect, community, self image, pride in place and people and the realisation that Ballymun is a special place because of the richness of variety of its people. The Axis Arts Centre is the ticking heart of the community. Let no public representative fail to understand its centrality. For me the Axis forms a calm oasis in the hurley burley of surrounding life in all its intertwining of tenderness and compassion of local communities intersperced with the crude brutality of violence and sociopathy of drug crazed nehilistic vandals. Truly “All human life is there” – which used to the advertising slogan of the News of the World. Isn’t is unbelieveable that a former Taoiseach is appearing from kitchen presses to advertise his opinions on English football matches?