Shamrock Rovers – LOI Champions 2010.

Come on the Hoops. Rovers. The ghosts of Milltown and RDS appeared tonight as Rovers win the league. I am still a member of the 400 Club. I was a director when Rovers last won 16 years ago at the RDS. The present Board of Directors have my admiration and gratitude.

I was poisoned by some others in the interim but now is the time. I advise them to keep their feet on the ground and NO STUPID SPENDING on players. Look at the fate of the last 16 years winners of the LOI. All bust – more or less. Got to say that John McNamara saved Rovers originally in 1987. Both he and I bid 50/50 to buy Milltown in a tender. You know the rest.

Thanks to Dublin South Council and to Tallaght Town.

Tommy and Stanley get their wishes. I did not go tonight because I could not have stood the tension. No Pat Byrne. No Frank O’Neill.

Ireland rugby, Rovers, Lansdowne, Headingley, UCD Athletics – Loves of my life! Sad bastard amn’t I!

My favorite Rovers Team remains Dunne Keogh Courtney Nolan Farrell Fullam O’Neill Mooney Bailham, Ambrose and O’Connell/Touhy

PS Eamonn Dunphy was a good player for Rovers as were Ray Treacy, Robbie Gaffney and John Giles