Horses and Finglas

For a few years, we have been trying to get a resolution to this problem. One of the issues discussed was Smithfield Horse Fair and the “shadowy” people involved who are apparently uncontactable. There is a need for an alternative site to show the horses and see them gallop. Colm Kiernan made this point forceably. The discussion around the land at Scribblestown was informative. There has been little progress over the past two years. Fingal have gone missing. I will support a better site for horse trading that allows scope for improved animal welfare. Microchiping of horses and equine passports were also discussed. My view is that land just north of the M50 at the N2 would be ideal but each horse must have 1.5 acres for grazing (as far as I can remember!) so the size is an issue. The city Council should regulate this and delegate by licence to clubs.