Fantasy politics on Tonight with Vincent Browne

Vincent Browne had Dan O’Brien of the Irish Times and Michael Taft from UNITE on his panel on TV3 on Thursday. The failure of anyone on the show to state baldly that the whining from Taft about the cuts was simply absurd. The presumption in Taft’s contribution was that “someone” owes us a living. That external owners of money should lend us huge volumes of their cash to spend when clearly their belief in our ability to repay these loans is in question. Why does Taft not notice that the bond markets have signalled that we are a bad risk. The insurance credit default swaps on Irish Bonds merely confirms this. Furthermore his attitude has been proven to prolong the recession. (Ask Professor Lucey for the references). If you disagree Vincent, give us the references on the basis for your opinion. I, like Vincent Browne, prefer rigour to bombast and bullshit.