Lansdowne Road bebuilt and change-populated by officiousness.

The Samoa game was my third visit to the rebuilt stadium at Lansdowne. The design of the stadium is not conducive to mobility and meeting friends or acquaintances. Many of the stewards are officious prigs. There is a tutonic overregulation apparent and the idiots in yellow jackets massing on the touchline and aggressively eyeing the “crowd” at the end of the game sums up the general attitude to supporters. There is a national DEPRESSION going on out there. The IRFU have insulted their supporters in the clubs and I am one of those. The stadium must have been designed for Africa because I was again drowned in my 10-year stand seat. My son was sent to Ballsbridge to get to Sandymount after the game by a bunch of muppets in yellow. At least he and his pal did not get wet in the west stand.

There had better be some changes in the attitude of the stewards or a life-times support and attendance may have to be reassessed.

The Samoans  were efficient and good. They do not deserve to be patronised. The ref link provided the key to some of the scrum nonsense. Count the number of seconds between the crouch, touch, pause, engage orders of the referee. It must have been the longest I ever heard. Pearson at Murrayfield was also taking things very slowly so maybe this is the IRB again.

It the team does not get quick ball and good possession, how does anyone think that they can play well?

The events at most rugby matches at Croke Park were spectacular – the newspapers were not exaggerating. It was a truly wonderful experience.

The IRFU better be careful not to follow the SRU down the plughole. It is better to fill the stadium and respect the supporters than to have a small select group of witnesses to a sad event. It seems the Irish middle classes are now price sensitive.