Resolve the recurrent issues at the Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda

Could you place the following motion on the agenda for discussion
I have asked that the following motion be placed on the agenda at the Forum of the HSE for Dublin Northeast

Motion: That the HSE arrange a public conference on the current position of the Lourdes Hospital Drogheda to include the restatement of the current HSE development plan with

1. An invitation to the staff of the hospital and members of the public submit issues which should be discussed with a view to resolution.

2. A summary of the number of systems in the hospital operating to HIQA or international accreditation standards

3. A list of the Multidisciplinary Meetings held in the hospital regarding Lourdes Hospital Patients and specialties normally in attendance.

4. A review of the waiting lists for services across the Lourdes Hospital.

5. The publication of the numbers of Non-Consultant Hospital Doctors training posts and training rotations affecting the hospital. The impact of staff shortfalls on services.

6. Report on Nurse Training and retraining at the hospital and employment prospects for nurses

7. Information Technology services at the hospital and liaison with primary care.

8. Management grades at the hospital and an external review of efficiencies

Drogheda is a key hospital in the Northeast. Better quality services are provided by a happy staff, not a staff constantly finding themselves under siege. Staff shopuld be given a voice and be listened to. Only in that way can problems be addressed and resolved rather than be hidden and left fester. The culture of transparency and honesty must replace that of the threatening bully.