Malayalee Council In Ireland

Over the past decade, nurses were recruited from India by Irish hospitals and have backboned many of the medical services in Dublin hospitals. I know that Marie Keane from Beaumont and the Mater Director of Nursing went to India to directly recruit qualified nurses. Without them, hospital services in Ireland would have been seriously curtailed.

Their husbands and partners are now allowed come here and allowed work with stamp 3. I was asked to inaugurate their meeting at the Ardmore Hotel on Finglas Road on sunday afternoon.(see candle picture) John Ellis gave a detailed exposition on setting up a business here in Ireland. He explained the business plan and also the requirements for VAT registration, company registrations, book keeping, revenue regulations and tax inspections. I told them about Area Partnerships and the City Development Board, the Guinness centre, the HUB, planning permissions and food safety regulations. respectable John Ellis is a former pirate radio man from the 1960s.

John Ellis advised them on Stamp 3 and rights of spouses of nurses. Any individuals having unfair difficulties, I will help them. The secretary of the group is Sylo Sam 086-2477692