More on Prostitution in Dublin.

I have referred to prostitution five times since the 7th May 2010 on this site.Every time I hear details from residents concerning prostitution occurring in an apartment block and listen to the Garda response, the absurdity of the whole affair assaults my sensibilities. I will not repeat what I said before but licence the trade, tax it and regulate it.

Recently I was told of three Eastern European males threatening Irish residents of a block where it is blatently obvious that there is a busy female prostitution service supplied by Eastern European women. The owner of the flat is Irish and is aggressive when approached and threatened to sue anyone accusing him of being in any way involved in prostitution. A guy like that needs some manners put on him. The Gardai say that they are operating on the flat and watching it at present. A female resident reported that her sister was approached for business when coming back from a night out in town. This group have apparently been operating for about three years. The Eastern European mafias must be brought under control and discouraged from operating here. Intimidation and extortion of Lithuanians is going on in Blanchardstown at present. The Assistant Commissioner of the Gardai and the Superintendent in Blanchardstown have been told about it. It is important that An Garda Siochana recruit Chinese and Eastern Europeans to combat crime in ethnic communities which is usually directed at their own people.

The websites on escorts list a large group of people engaged in commercial sex. It would be a lot better if such activities were confined to certain areas and banned elsewhere. Poverty is driving many women into the trade as jobs are increasing hard to come by and many have no welfare back-up because of the type of visa arrangements they have. Safe sex is important for those availing of these services as some of the suppliers are HIV positive. Don’t bring infections home!