Bank figures in summary – Thanks Indo

ECB assets of €1,878bn. These are government bonds and bank IOUs which the ECB takes as collateral for the cash it lends to the banks.

Irish Central Bank’s assets total €185bn.

Irish central bank’s assets are about 10pc of the ECB’s.

Ireland contributes 1.72pc of eurozone GDP in 2010.
ECB has lent a total of €516bn to commercial banks within the entire eurozone.
The Irish Central Bank has lent €165bn to banks based here. (Our GDP for 2010 is forecast to be €155bn.) So of all money lent to banks in the eurozone, 31pc is lent to banks based in Ireland.
What does all of this tell us?
That the Irish banking system is bust. But more importantly, the amount of money that is passing through the books of our central bank is completely unsustainable to a country of our size.
Big Numbers – Taken from economy in three budgets since 2008 – €12 bn
Cuts in 2011 €6 billion over 2012-2014.
Irish Soverign Debt now €90 bilion
Government has €38 billion left before we have to borrow more
€130 bn Irish banks owe ECB on 29th October 2010 (all Irish banks incl those trading in IFSC). This is an increase of €11 bn since 24th September.
€83 bn owed to ECB on September 24th by AIB+BoI + Ulster, KBC and Rabobank
€34 bn owed by banks to Irish Central Bank on October 29th.
Anglo Irish Bank – €4 gone in – €25.3 bn to come
AIB – €3.5 bn gone is – €3.7 bn
Bank of Ireland €3.5 gone in (€523 million back this year) –
EBS €100 million gone in and €250 million needed
Irish Nationwide €100 gone in and €5.3 billion needed