St Louis School Rathmines at Charleville Road

I am in favour of this site being zoned Z9 rather than Z15.

If the land is built on, and that is the intention of the school authorities, then one sports hall and a tennis court that would remain cannot adequately meet the sports and recreational needs of a school of this size. Such sporting and recreational facilities would then come no way close to meeting the external facilities recommended by the Department of Education and Science guidelines for schools of this size.

Exercise is important for all ages and I am an advocate. Team sports play a huge role in human development and must be encouraged. By European standards, we are well behind acceptable standards in the provision of physical education in schools. If the school was closing, then ‘sin ceist eile’. I remember well the havoc that Thatcher wreaked on schools in England encouraging the sell off of school pitches and sports grounds. I would NEVER vote Tory. So as the good lady famously told Garret, in this case the Z15 is OUT OUT OUT! Provincial papers please copy!