Bohemians FC aka “de boes”. will survive

Bohemians fado was a gentleman’s football club in Phibsboro. The club decided to pay the players around the late 1960s. That great man Tony O’Connell became the first professional. Prior to that, Willie Browne has been an outstanding centre half who should have been at Rovers. Instead he played tennis in Elm Park. I knew a number of old Bohs men including Paddy Andrews ( yes of those Andrews) who played golf often with my father. He was a thoroughly nice man.

The descent of the Rovers/Bohs relationship in the noughties was sad. It was partly fomented by non-footballing administrators from rural parts who did not need to go to Kentucky Fried Chicken to buy chips.

Anyway, I enjoyed being doctor at Dalymount for a few years when Turlough O’Connor was manager and Tony O’Connell was club president. These were great men and Turlough took a lot of abuse from fans. I often wondered why he bothered. His brother Padraig played as well and was very good.

Then success years later and grandiose plans to liquidate their property assets at Phibsboro. Liam Carroll, Property development, Tramway end sales, league winning, Pat Fenlon, Financial collapse same as other LOI winning teams. I love the League of Ireland but my pals have stopped going or died.

Advice: If the current directors or board have to put the club into examinership or worse, the fans should get together and buy the name only from the receiver.

Then hire Dalymount and play on as an amateur or semipro side. Property is impossible to sell so that should be possible for a while. Then they should try to persuade Dublin City Council to support the building of a stadium to house the LOI as a cultural component of the northside. Maybe a new GAA deal with Parnell Park! We have to grow up in this country and share facilities.

Best of luck Bohemians, I have no doubt of your survival. I will help when the time comes.

PS: Congratulations to Rovers in winning the league. Great thing for the game because of Tallaght Stadium and the community involvement. Rovers, Bohs, Shels, Pats are important in the League of Ireland. Ollie is greatly missed even if he was barking mad. I regret that Harry Malone of Bohs and Cork died last week. he was a long time pal of mine. Rest in Peace Harry.