National Shame brought to you by Fianna Fail

Today I witnessed what I had been expecting for two years. The IMF rode into town and hitched their horses in Merrion Street. Pete Sayers told me that this would happen at a match in the RDS two years ago while he still worked at Bank Centre in Ballsbridge. So I had a long time to get acclimatised to the idea.

But this is my country. The Irish are my people. I may be a Eurofederalist but I have some national pride and self respect. The behaviour of Fianna Fail over the past week has been shameful. Lies Lies Lies and more bullshit. Dermot Ahern, Frank Fahey, Brian Lenihan, Cowen – dreadful. They obviously have no respect for us and take us for fools.

I confess I was upset today driving in the car with tears in my eyes. I’m glad I was alone.It was a private moment. When I was young, I decided that “those bastards” would not drive me to emigrate. It is a primal instinct in me. I am a home bird. A Booterstown, Miltown Malbay and now Finglas Boy. I love my country which is why I am such an awkward bastard. I recognise myself as a civil libertarian and a right wing social democrat. No home man. I really value intellectual honesty. Parties are only vague organisations of fellow conspirators. I find myself in agreement on many issues with people in Fine Gael, Labour, Fianna Fail, Sinn Fein and the Greens. Some don’t like that but tough, I cannot be any other way.

Then driving out of the hospital in Beaumont, I turn on George Hook and he is talking with another Blue Shirt Moore McDowell. George in particular was in a rage against the shame that has been inflicted on the country. Moore, a decent skin, was more cerebral but very analytical. emotional it certainly was.

The thought of the BBC, Sky, Al-Jazera, Bloomberg, Basque TV and other channels broadcasting on Ireland as an existential crisis from vans in the Merrion Street and Leeson Street areas in Dublin was deeply upsetting.

On the same afternoon, I hear that Bertie Ahern, the economic vandal of Drumcondra attended a community meeting about a school at Ratoath Road in Cabra recently, where he was given a bit of stick. Seemingly, the Bert will run again in the March Election. I think that he will still get re-elected – just about. That will mean that Mary Fitzpatrick will have to stay on Dublin City Council.

Lets keep our heads up and clear out the political dross in this country.