Bill Tormey Pledge – Competence, Guts and Honesty

If I am ever elected to the Dail, I will NEVER do what I know is wrong for the general public irrespective of personal or political pressure. Honesty comes at a price. I am willing to pay that price. That makes me a loose cannon in political terms. However, if you are clear on what I stand for I am a VERY predictable person. My philosophy is written on my website, and in my published writings. That includes medical and political. Even the music on my website conveys a purposeful message.

Ireland has been good to me and my family. I offer my efforts henceforth to serving Ireland. At least, I never funked a philosophical fight. I am determined to reform the health service culture of bullying, unaccountable inefficiency and cronyism. Watch out you mob.

PS Health willing, I will run in the next election.

I think that I have a lot more to offer than the ward healers and mediocrities here. It is a bit of an irony that a first class guy like Andrew Montague was shafted by Labour. Shame on them. I have had my battles with Andrew but I know he is good. Much better than his party colleague Shortall. This country now needs only the best not the also rans. Fianna Fail wrecked the country by telling people what they wanted to hear and buying them with money ultimately borrowed from abroad. I have never sought popularity at the expense of the truth and my own self respect.

I can face Gerry O’Connell, any councillor on the HSE Forum or on Dublin City Council or anyone on the Medical Cogwheel of Beaumont, or any of the staff at DCC, or my brother Eugene and many communicators and journalists whom I won’t name and say that I stay with the truth and the facts as I know them. Most would attest to that.

So for competence, guts and determination.