Harney upsets me

Listening and looking at the Harney Video on RTE site upsets me. She is a fluent, disingenuous communicator whose sophistry is hermetically sealed from self-doubt. Harney has been a disaster fro this country. Her dictatorial instincts are diametrically the opposite to the needs of her office. The awfulness of the unaccountable HSE superstructure which she has set up just upsets me. The public gave the PDs the order of the boot. Yet Madam PD still struts the pavements of the worst government ever with a paean to Brian Lenihan on RTE that flies in the face of the contrary evidence. Harney fits in well with Dempsey, Ahern, Cowen, Coghlan and Lenihan. If you bear to watch it, the “interview” is on video on RTE News Website.