Gogarty can tell his 18 month old how the Greens saved the Planet but sank Ireland.

Sometimes I read a load of old guff and this certainly comes into that category. Is there much difference between a Green party exit conference and the type of noise and hustle and bustle experienced by a child in crowded airports waiting for planes? Very little I reckon and from the photographys I saw, this kid looked grand and well minded by the da. I see no harm at all in this. The harm was in Gogarty voting for the Guarantee and NAMA not the child having a day out. At 18 months, no harm done Mr Gogarty. Children are robust and no abuse was evident. Hanging around with the innocuous greens is not a problem for many kids. When older, she can look at the pictures of events long faded into sepia and nod sagely and like Max Boyce say ” I know, I was there!” Her father can tell her the tale of how the Greens saved the planet but sank Ireland.

Daisy in spotlight inappropriate – Doctor
By Geraldine Gittens
Tuesday November 23 2010

GREEN Party TD Paul Gogarty has been slammed for placing his 18-month-old daughter in front of the world’s media.
Mr Gogarty, who is more famous for his faux pas than his achievements, was criticised for putting Daisy Gogarty in an “overwhelming” situation at John Gormley’s historic announcement that the Greens would walk from Government.
Dr Kate Byrne, a psychologist who specialises in children and teenagers, told the Herald that a news press conference about a political crisis would be an “overwhelming” situation for a small child.
“It’s not a suitable environment for a child to be in. If that’s the circumstance of the press conference, it’d be a hostile environment for a child,” Dr Byrne told the Herald.
“There are places that are suitable for a child, and there are places that aren’t.
“She’s been exposed to something that she has no say in, and something which she has absolutely no influence and control over, and that’s very unfair.
“I don’t know what motivates people, but one would hope that it was merely a parental error due to childcare issues.”
Meanwhile Mr Gogarty insisted that he made a calculated decision to bring Daisy to the press conference when her child minder because unavailable and she was making strange with other carers.
He told the Herald that since his wife job-shares as a primary teacher, it is his duty to mind Daisy, but the press conference was called at short notice.
“I was unable to make arrangements,” he said. “I thought it was the best place to put her. I don’t like her being in the public eye. This is the first and only time that the kid will be photographed. But we don’t usually have a conference on a Monday.
“I did feel a little bit uncomfortable having her at a media conference because the cameras were clicking away, but she seemed happy.”
Mr Gogarty also insisted that he did not bring Daisy to the press conference to receive extra attention, or to make any political points. He added: “The Greens have long been known for having kids at different things, we’re comfortable with having kids around.”
Dr Byrne insisted that Mr Gogarty’s decision was an error since Daisy was photographed by the Irish media.
“It’s a parental error in judgment — which we all make. But maybe he felt that his child was able for it. It really depends on the child.”
– Geraldine Gittens