Allotments in Northwest Dublin

Fine Gael Councillor Pat Crimmins has brought to the usefulness and interest in allotments among many Dubliners. I am glad to see that land is being found to provide the space at Meakstown. There used to be common in Dublin more than 40 years ago and prosperity and a change of fashion lead to a fall-off. Now it’s back to the land. In Eastern Europe, growing food and keeping poultry is very common and explains why many older people get by on very meagre pensions. Ireland’s history of the Land League and battles over farms and land ownership must never be forgotten. Even now the boycott of a land sale of repossessed farm land in Meath two weeks ago show how deeply ingrained the land is in Irish culture.
NW/358/10 Allocation of spaces for Community Gardens or Allotments
ORDER: Noted. BRL in conjunction with Fingal County Council and Dublin City Council examining the potential for an allotment scheme at Meakstown. BRL to bring a report to a future North West Area Committee meeting.