Brief note to the Fianna Fail person

Dear Fianna Fail supporter

You, like me, must be feeling sad, distressed and upset. There is a time for a change in politics. It is time to ask ourselves, who is mentally and psychologically independent enough to stand and say no to the establishment when massive policy errors are being hailed as great advances or as decisions that must be made without detailed consideration of alternatives.Who is unafraid of “them”? Fianna Fail’s problems come from success. Too much success which attracts the vultures of greed and self-interest. No party should be in power too long. It is bad for that party’s integrity. For the leaders, an overwhelming sense of personal tiredness nearly inevitably happens. It is called burn-out. But power for its own sake is a great aphrodisiac. Then people begin to believe that their own propaganda really is the truth. This is recognisable in minister’s becoming out of touch with reality on the ground. The people they meet go in for YES MINISTER, ANYTHING YOU SAY MINISTER, etc. You can recognise this easily in your own ministers now. Look at Bertie and the no-driving licence because he hasn’t driven anywhere for years.

Anyway, my attitudes are clearly set out in this website. I do stand for certain things. I am NOT a conservative. I deeply care about allowing people to live their lives in dignity.

Fianna Fail has done many fine things over a long period and I will stand four square to preserve the social benefits of travel, ESB units and phones for the retired in this country. Haughey’s finest hour was the 1964 succession act. I believe that social benefits should be funnelled at the target audience. We are a wealthy country if we bother to look after ourselves. I salute people who are concerned and take part in community activites.

We must again stand for COMMUNITY and look after ourselves.

I’m Irish. You’re Irish.

We must take care of ourselves not the super rich.

We can get this country around again.

We need national solidarity and leadership.

You will never get lies from me.

In Dublin Northwest, you will I hope get the opportunity to make a difference.

If you think that right now, what the country needs is honest competence, then look at my record, you have found your man.

Best regards