Judgement Day for Politics in Ireland. When any party seeks your vote in the republic in the near election, just read the following short paragraphs and see is what is being promised possible. Do NOT let any party fool you the voter.

In detailed conditions for each quarter until the end of 2013, the memorandum specifies property taxes must be introduced in 2011 and the transfer of water service provision from local authorities to a water utility must be advanced before the last quarter of next year. Other changes include a Bill to increase the retirement age, measures to cut legal and medical costs, and significant cuts in social welfare payments.

There is a stipulation that very detailed monthly, quarterly, and weekly financial, banking and fiscal data be provided to the commission, the ECB and the IMF. In all, some 22 sets of data will be disclosed, encompassing almost all the information normally available only to the State. The data includes monthly updates on adherence to budget targets; quarterly data on the public service wage bill and employees; weekly information on the Government’s cash position; a weekly statement on the assets and liability of the Central Bank; and monthly financial stability indications by the Central Bank.