China – a personal testamony – (I have removed the name)

Dear Councillors

My name is XXXX  XXXXX. I am from China. I am writing to you to share with you my opinion about the issue of Dublin twinning with Beijing.

I have been living and working in Dublin almost 11 years. I got married here and have two children. I have practiced Falun Dafa for 10 years. Falun Dafa (also called Falun Gong, or just Dafa) is a high-level cultivation practice guided by the characteristics of the universe—Truthfulness, Benevolence, and Forbearance. I have achieved a lot of physical and mental benefits from this practice, but because of the persecution of Falun Dafa in china, I cannot return home.

Yesterday I heard about the Dublin planned to twin with Beijing and the motion has been passed , it makes me feel very shocked.

During the past 11 years of persecution of Falun Gong, many commands were issued or implemented by this municipal government of Beijing, including the notorious command of “defaming their reputations, bankrupting them financially, and destroying them physically”. At least 3,413 practitioners have been confirmed to have died in the persecution of Falun Gong. Their names are listed in the link below. In this link, you can find statistical data as well as the story of each of the confirmed death case listed.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) keeps very tight control on any information about the persecution. So many more death cases remain unconfirmed. When the truth is revealed in the future, the total number of deaths and other casualties could be shockingly high.

For example, an independent report prepared by two prominent Canadians (David Kilgour, Canada’s longest serving Member of Parliament and former Secretary of State for Asia Pacific, and David Matas, a human rights lawyer well known for his work related to the Holocaust) comes to the shocking conclusion that mass organ-harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners has taken place over the last several years. It appears that tens of thousands of practitioners have been killed for their organs. The illicitly harvested hearts, livers, lungs, corneas (and more) were sold at huge profits to unwitting transplant patients, many from outside China. Meanwhile, the practitioners’ murdered bodies were quietly and quickly cremated to destroy the evidence. (Bloody Harvest – Revised Report into Allegations of Organ Harvesting of Falun Gong Practitioners in China )

In addition to the deaths, over 100,000 have been sent to forced labor camps. Many thousands mentally-healthy practitioners have been locked up in psychiatric hospitals, brutally beaten, and injected with anti-psychotic drugs. Huge numbers have been forced into brainwashing sessions organized to coerce them to renounce their beliefs. Tens of thousands have been detained, jailed and/or imprisoned.

Torture is widespread and systematic, ordered by top Party officials to help wipe out the practice. Police and CCP officials at all levels routinely extort huge sums from those they threaten and arrest, and their families.

Countless families have been broken up, and countless practitioners dare not return to their homes, wanting to avoid arrest and to protect their families and friends from the CCP’s guilt-by-association policy.

Hopefully, the horrific experiences and graphic photos presented here will lead all those who read them to stand up and speak out to help stop the persecution of Falun Gong.

If Beijing is a living individual being, then it is the most evil being. This being is now going everywhere in the world to find cities to twin with. Will a city upholding justice twin with such a being? To twin with Beijing represents the recognition and support to it while it is the origin of all the evilness and the collection venue of evilness in human world.

Dublin city council is composed of elected councilors. Its motion represents the people. Then are Dublin people willing to twin with this being committing killings and persecution? Are we going to be shamed in history together with this butcher whose hand is dipped with numerous innocent people’s blood?

Raise an example, early last century, Hitler’s Berlin was also very rich and prosperous. However, are you willing to twin Dublin with Berlin at that time? On this day of history, we will say NO of course, but the most crucial thing is how we choose when the history is happening.

I sincerely wish we can measure the pro and cons again and consider from the perspective that let our sons and grandsons live their life with no regret, but with glory, and not feel shameful for being twinned with such a killer city, and pass a new motion.