Hampton Wood, Finglas Water Supply

Wendy Dowling sent out this information today.

Further to the numerous queries we are receiving in relation to Hampton Wood, the following information has been provided by Water Services Division for your information.

“Due to increased demand caused by the severe cold weather treated water storage levels dropped. Our ability to treat water is limited and the only option available to us to halt this drop was to ask consumers to reduce their water demand and to impose restrictions on supplies. These restrictions were put in place throughout the Dublin region including Dublin City from Tuesday 7th December. This has resulted in a reduction in the flow into Hampton Wood. However, since the flow is going into a reservoir and the outlet from the reservoir was not restricted, usage continued as normal and the reservoir drained down.

We have been in contact with the management company who are responsible for managing the reservoir and distribution network within the estate. They have been advised to restrict the outlet from the reservoir in tandem with our restrictions. In this way the level in the reservoir can be maintained. The flow into the estate will continue to be below normal while restrictions are in place so consumers will need to reduce their consumption in order to ensure that the volume supplied is shared among all users.

While we regret the need to impose restrictions and will keep the restrictions to the minimum possible it is unfortunately necessary to maintain restrictions in place until storage levels recover adequately. Our web site www.dublincity.ie provides up-to-date information on the restrictions being imposed.”

Any queries please contact Margaret Geraghty (222 5133) or Mary Taylor (222 5724).