The Incredible Mr Adams

In a cable on 4 February 2005, two months after the robbery, the US ambassador to Dublin, James Kenny, reported that a senior Irish government official told the embassy of the taoiseach’s concerns about Adams and McGuinness. The cable claimed the official in the department of justice told the ambassador “that the GOI [government of Ireland] does have ‘rock solid evidence’ that Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness are members of the IRA military command and for that reason, the taoiseach is certain they would have known in advance of the robbery”.

Wikileaks is not the type of evidence that would stand up in court. But the credibility problems of Gerry Adams on the Northern Bank Raid, membership of the IRA, Membership of the Army Council of the IRA, management of his brother’s sex abuse criminal activities, Jean McConville and the Darkie Hughes story, Robert McCartney, etc are unending.

I am either agnostic or disbelieveing about anything Mr Adams states.

All Mr Wikileaks has done is to reawaken the collective memory of the people..