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Respected cosmetic surgeon caught performing sex act for dominatrix, GMC told

An eminent cosmetic surgeon carried out a lewd act on himself moments after giving a botox injection to a German dominatrix, the General Medical Council heard.

Marion Burton, aka Mistress J, filmed Dr Tony Walker covertly while she was having Botox injections Photo: PABy John Bingham 10:34PM GMT 17 Dec 2010

Dr Tony Walker admits performing the sexual act as Marion Burton, 51, lay on the treatment table at his clinic in Maidenhead, Berks.

She secretly filmed him with a camera hidden in her handbag after he had indulged in the practice on two previous occasions when she visited him, a GMC fitness to practise panel heard.

Dr Walker, who qualified in 1997, also admits sending flirtatious text messages to Mrs Burton, but

denies his fitness to practise was impaired or that his actions constituted professional misconduct.

The hearing in Manchester was told that Mrs Burton began working as a professional dominatrix known as “Mistress J” after losing her job as a mortgage broker.

She said she earned £5,000 a month entertaining clients with leather masks and whips at her Berkshire home.

Adopting a variety of guises, including dressing as a headmistress, she worked in a series of specialist settings including a novelty dungeon and a school room. Her clients ranged from bricklayers to bank managers and politicians, she said.

The panel was told that the doctor and patient had exchanged a series of flirtatious text messages between consultations at the Chatsworth Clinic in Maidenhead.

Mrs Burton said Dr Walker performed sexual acts on himself after she underwent Botox treatment on three separate occasions in July, September and October 2008.

She claimed that she decided to film him after the first occasion because she wanted to expose him to protect other patients.

She told the panel that he had been “friendly and chatty” during her first appointment “telling me how beautiful I looked and how gorgeous I was”.

Then, “all of a sudden” he performed the act, before kissing her on the cheek and telling her it had been good to see her, she alleged.

“He had not touched me – it was like it was part of the treatment or his bonus,” she told the panel.

Mrs Burton added: “I did not say anything but just left. I was driving home thinking I could not believe what had happened.

“It was like something you read about in the newspapers or see on TV.

“I thought about his other patients – women and children and I thought I could not let him get away with it.

“I wanted to make sure he could not do that or something worse to anyone else. I wanted to report him.”

Realising it would be one person’s word against another’s, she decided to record him at their next appointment, Mrs Burton said.

In the run-up to the next appointment she exchanged flirtatious text messages with the surgeon, she admitted.

She claimed that she successfully recorded Dr Walker at their next appointment but accidentally deleted the footage.

In October 2008, at a further appointment, she succeeded by hiding a video camera in her handbag which she placed on top of herself as she lay on the treatment table, the tribunal heard.

“I sat up holding my handbag, hoping to get a good view for the camera,” she said.

“I felt used and abused but it was worth it to save others.

“My only intention was that perverts like him did not harm anyone and I would do it again.”

In September last year Mrs Burton was cleared by a jury at Reading Crown Court of blackmailing the plastic surgeon by allegedly demanding £20,000 after obtaining the covert footage. Her husband, Terry, pleaded guilty.