RTE – Shove your Green Tea up your anywhere handy and fxxx off.

Green Tea is apparently a new satirical show on RTE Radio 1 for six weeks from December 27th. The Sunday Independent reports a U-tube clip with Enda Kenny depicted as a Foolish cross dresser who believes that she/he is pregnant. Dubbing Enda as Dame Enda is a piss-poor steal of Dame Enda Everidge – Australian Ambassador to the Court of St James. Barry Humphries should be paid royalties by the RTE geniuses.

To quote the Sunday Indo “ In the leaked You Tube clip from Green Tea, Dame Enda thinks that she has become pregnant. Dr Michael Ring is the local GP who is shocked when one of Dame Enda’s fake breasts falls on the floor after a gender test”

The reason I am pissed off is that every household pays RTE to provide a national service. Is the denigratory lampooning of a man who is honourable, decent, energetic and effective in his job as Leader of the Opposition appropriate in a publicly funded station? Kenny has charged his Team Fine Gael with developing policies to deal with national problems across nearly every sector of politics. He is a careful relatively conservative man himself. Himself and his late pal Michael Cody were nice people to spend a few hours with.

Suggesting that he is a cross dresser with psychosexual identity problems is a low blow.

So RTE – Fxxx your Green Tea and shove it anywhere you like. You’er a bunch of out of control disrespectful bullies.

I’m a licence payer to RTE and I don’t like personal attacks on people especially when these are plagiarised, crude, offensive and insulting. Maybe he will sue you lot for defamation. I would advise him to tell you to get lost and leave it at that.