Enterprise Minister Batt O’Keeffe is the best of a dire lot.

Industrial Development Authority says that foreign direct investment will bring in 9,800 direct jobs and 6,800 indirect jobs in 2011

Enterprise Ireland says that export-led Irish firms will create 6,300 direct jobs and 4,400 spin off jobs next year.

The government will invest €570 million in science, technology, innovation and enterprise. THis will maintain 29 research centres which will work with over 400 industry partners.

Internationally Foreign Direct Investment fell by 30% last year while in Ireland it fell by 4%.

The policy is to make Irelanbd the best place in Europe for research intensive multinationals to partner with clusters of smaller firms. Places like the Guinness Innovation Centre in Dublin are important cogs in small firm development the city. If you are interested – call Mr Peter Finnegan at Dublin City