Bertie – Just a few lines tells all.

in Deaglan de Breadun’s report in the Irish Times, Bertie is quoted as :-
Asked if he had any regrets, he said: “If I had seen the banking crisis coming. Nobody advised me, no economist, all those people now writing books saying ‘I told you so’ – none of them.”

On Anglo Irish Bank, he said: “I can honestly say that not once did anyone or any delegation that came in to see me ever say, ‘Watch out for Anglo’ . . . I wish they had have.”

Well Bertie, I seem to remember your suicide invitation to naysayers on the economy. I also remember the ESRI and the OECD not to mention Morgan Kelly. Ricky Bruton comes to mind on benchmarking and its likely effects. You must also have known that anyone who opens every envelope in the country will have NO time to read widely on his brief. The Taoiseach is the Boss. The buck stops at that desk. The Minister for Finance is supposed to give us heads up on the money. You boys have failed Ireland. We Know, You Know, We know that you know. Enjoy the dollars or was it sterling.
The quotes above succinctly summarise the Problem with Bertie. Nobody told him because he was too busy to listen. Oh Yeah, And Mary Fitz is across the road in Fagans just smiling. Irony bertie Irony.
PS Niall Ring is a class act on the city council if you ignore the crypto provo outbursts about the Queen etc.