Who’s the dog and who’s the devil?

Between the devil and the deep blue shirts

Fine Gael’s two running mates in Dublin North-West – the lord mayor of Dublin, Gerry Breen, and Dr Bill Tormey – have engaged in a slanging match since Breen’s surprise move into the constituency.

The Northside People hilariously reported how Breen said, “Dublin North-West is one of the weakest constituencies for the party in the country. I don’t think there are two seats for Fine Gael but I’m pretty confident that I am the stronger candidate between us… I’m in competition for a Dáil seat with the dog and the devil.”

But Tormey replied: “I wouldn’t say he’s got an awful lot of a higher profile than I do. I do two hours of live radio per week. I do interviews for the TV and for the papers and my website gets between 900 and 1,000 hits per week.”

After proclaiming that he was an “intelligent candidate”, Tormey claimed that Breen was “very much to the right of me in his approach and views”.