Weak insipid Martin patronised by muscular fluent Cowen full of self asserting delusion. He should take up Lord Kitchener in reverse – Cowen – your country doesn’t need you – Tra La

Listening to Brian Cowen on RTE radio, I was struck by his fluency and by his self-delusion. He ignores the facts of the bank bail-out where his government extended the guarantee much more extensively than was necessary, he obviously is unaware of the Beesley/Bini-Smighy interview in Saturday’s Irish Times where the ECB official said that he and Lenihan were tardy in dealing with the economic situation in 2010, he must be gormless for ignoring the significance of what he was being told by the Anglo Irish bank insiders at dinners etc; he knows the consequences of his governments folly in stoking the building boom into a raging conflagration; he was minister when the Financial Regulator and Central Bank went walk-about; then he tries to blame the international situation despite reports claiming that 70% caused by home grown incompetents.

Then we had Michael Martin – who offers his resignation to Cowen who tells him “Ah Sure Micahel, we’re all pals here” never you mind I will vote you out on Tuesday.

Martin is congenitally WEAK. Cowen v Martin. Sad but it is Cowen. Lenihan – illness. In two months, they will hopefully be irrelevant.