Shane Ross

I listened to Senator Shane Ross on Newstalk telling the nation why he decided to run in Dublin South as an independent. He has connections to Stepaside, Rathfarnham and Carrickmines where Beckett must have invaded his head.

He talked about the insiders in the banks, FAS and his other obsessions as if a former stockbroker and current big cheese in the Sunday Independent Business Section is not himself and insider. He said that none of FF, FG or labour could accommodate his political desires and objectives. He quotes Eithne Fitzgerald and Roger Garland as winners in Dublin South who were outsiders.

Shane, the simultaneous translation might read : –

Dear People of Ireland ( or at least those to You resident in Dublin South)

I am a very famous guy who writes in the Sunday Independent and represents Trinity graduates in the Senate. I have written books about the banks and waste in the public sector in CIE and FAS. I want to challenge the oligarchy that rules Ireland. I have so much to offer that I am too big for a party. I am too big to have to argue my point against the intellectual mediocrity in the three parties. I know that Kenny wants to abolish the Senate and maybe he will succeed which will leave me high and in dry dock. So my Oireachtas Newsletters will be no more. My cogent brilliant and unmissable bon mots will no longer feature on Oireachtas Report. So I must run. Now the Blues have two hot candidates in Dublin South and 29% in Dublin or 35% nationally makes three unlikely so like Tony O’Reilly I must be Independent.

So the message is – “Put Ross not Dross in Dail Eireann”

Well Shane has more chance in the Indo to achieve his stated aims that in the Dail as an independent. What he really wants, if he analyses his own comments, is a full freedom of information law. If that is enacted then he would be legislatively redundant. He is unlikely to have much influence on legislation as an independent TD in the next Dail because of the likely outcome. Shane is a talented man but I think he has made the wrong call.