Unsolicited Letter from a Concerned Constituent about the Future

Dear Mr Tormey,

I am writing to you regarding policies I have read from your parties leaflet just was put through my door (I live in Finglas).

Also from what I have seen from RTÉ talk show debates with your parties present my views are starting to change to maybe support you in the upcoming election.

However please can you clear up some issues on what your party is exactly outlining to do once elected.

I work in the Civil Service, am a home owner for last 5 years, 2 dependents, going to DBS at night for my ACCA’s to be an Accountant and yet I am paying for the sins of bad financial management and the rich getting richer and not being brought to justice to answer the crimes they committed against the State and the People.

I do not claim any social welfare benefits and am educated and yet I still can’t see a future in my own country.

Do Fine Gael proposes to abandon House tax and water charges???? Will the civil service be restructured?? What is the fate of my children’s future, as I cannot see education being possible for them in this country.

Currently my only option with the current Government is giving me is to leave and take my Financial skills and knowledge to some other country and my put my faith in another country’s Government to educate my children, as Fianna Fáil won’t. They seem to regard education and basic living as a privilege rather then a basis human right.

Please can you give myself, other family members and friends who live in your constituency faith why we should vote for Fine Gael and not be filled with false promises. Why we should vote no. 1 on the ballot paper for you?

I look forward to your reply. Thank you for your time on the matter.

Kindest Regards

Ms xxxxx

Thanks xxxxx

I will try to briefly answer some of your questions

Fine Gael has specifically said that it will not impose property tax

Water charges are certain irrespective who is in government. EU will force it and Dublin City Council is not supposed to subsidise water supply which it is doing at the moment.

The Civil Service will be partly restructured and reinvigorated. For example – Economists and financial experts will be hired by D of Finance. The HSE must be reconfigured and abolished in its present form and the damage done to the Department of Health repaired. It is my view that Ms Harney is/was an execrably awful minister for health but I have a special interest there. Fine Gael intends to slim down QUANGOS and tke functions directly back to the Civil Service. I think that promotions will change and be more open to outside competition.

Keep doing the ACCA. Get it. We are far from finished. That is why we MUST stand together and fight on.

You are lkely to be in negative equity. That will take long to resolve and will need a scheme to alow mobility.

I NEVER make false promises and am notorious for being straight. Look at my website and you will come to that conclusion.

That is why I am referred to as “colourful”, “maverick” etc. I am a driven person and am not a party hack.

Your children must stay here and get educated. It will be cheaper than elsewhere having regard to what is happening in the UK and in the US. I am not sure about Australia.

France or Germany may be better for your children but I know that the Eastern European and Spain and Italy countries certainly are not.

FF have simply been incompetent and wreckless. They could have staved off the IMF if they got their asses in gear last summer. I reckon that the Brian Lenihan illness may have contributed. Brave man but in an impossible position who then made very flawed decisions. We are now stuck funneling Euro and IMF loans into the European banks as a mazanine payer of interest at levels we cannot afford.

To lighten your mood, the Irish Independent published a heading on p18 in the Business section “I’m committed to fighting for better bailout deal- Lenihan. But Finance Minister cautions that interest rate changes will take time and careful negotiation.”

My views have been extensively published on billtormey.ie

Personally, I am willing to stand alone and do the right thing if I have to. That is my record in medicine.

I have no intention of changing. I regard forced emigration as the ultimate humiliation for menad my country. I want to separate the current regime from having any power over us. They are proven unworthy by their own actions. After three successive Ahern governments – the IMF ride into town and the banks are bankrupt. The Comical Ali stuff from Noel Dempsey and Dermot Ahern just added to the sense of rudderless chaos.

I hope you will choose to vote for me. You will get a level of competence absent from any of the others in Northwest.

Thank you