Silloge flats voice in Ballymun: Pyrite frustrations

Hello There Bill

My name is Rxxxxx Jxxxxxxx
Sillogue Road

We are at our tethers end here ,we dont know what to do.

We are part of Ballymun Regeneration (BRL).

We were suppose to be housed 4 years ago and we are still waiting. The thing is
our Houses Were Built With a thing called pyrite. Its a thing that is found in stone for the hardcore when building the foundation of house.
For 2 years they wouldnt tell us what was going on we got no letter or we got no information at all. Everytime we went over we were given a load of schpeel by them.
Then they finally said the they had no money left to fix them ,I mean they were given millions of euros to build this town.
So there we were in limbo again
Now they are saying they’re in court with the suppliers of the stone. This has gone on for years now.
The European Union has now given the money to fix the problem they are still not on site and no information about whats going on.

Now they have decide to empty these flats. They have no hoarding around the debris ,They are just throwing the rubbish in to a container and all of it is not going in but all over the road
People still have to live in these flat with kids, Mine are 11 and 12.

That hoarding should have been up before they started any work this morning at 8 am!
They didnt even let us know that they were gioing to empty this block
My children were going out to school this morning AND some idiot was pushing a very large blue container up the road with a jcb.
There was no health and safety officer around to see what was going on then,

Just as my children were walking out from the block the container just missed them, the man in the jcb couldnt see them i nearly had a stroke. He didnt stop pushing it until I screamed the kids are coming out the block.

Nothing ever comes out about what they are doing out here in Ballymun>>> and I am sick of it.
I want other people in this country to see what we have to put up with on a daily basis.

I rang Dublin City Council they said “nothing to do with them ring BRL”.so i rang BRL and i am still waiting for some one to ring me back.
You see they won’t ring me back they will wait for me to go over and run amock with fustration .
then they will say please leave the building before we call the gaurds.its so annoying they wont give any of us a straight answer.
I am going to upload photos of this incident and let you see for yourself.
I don’t know if there is aything you can do about it or maybe an investigation into BRL would do.

No body wants to help us its like we are just left here to rot!!!! Dublin City Council doesn’t want to know anything about us saying its BRL ,who are we paying rent to ? Are they not our land lords ? Do they not have duty of care for us here ?.

Thank You for taken the time to read this,

Raxxxx Jxxxxxx