Michael Martin – leads the Irish Dependency Party

Michael Martin started off in the right direction as leader of the FF faction. He apologised for their mistakes. He forgot to read his autocue to apologise to the country. Martin kick started the HSE, Martin gave FAS €1 billion when there was full employment and you all know what happened. His health policy written in large part by Michael Kelly – who was deposed by Ms Harney – was coherent and constructive bit never implemented. His time as Foreign Minister was constructive in visiting Cuba and Gaza.The most irritating part of his verbal communication is the repetition of “in terms of” and “going forward”. He shares cabinet responsibility for the disasters visited upon us by Fianna Fail since 2002 when the rot set in. His appointment does not alter the ECB/IMF rotten deal; It does not alter the pain of the universal social charge on every worker; it does not lessen the impact of 100,000 emigrating for work; it does not alter the misery of 440,000 unemployed; it does not alter the worry and entrapment of negative equity; it does not alter the paycuts on all workers. Sorry Michael but political sophistry will not suffice.

Fine Gael has a number of smart people in its ranks. They know that Team Fine Gael is the vehicle for national recovery. Noonan, Varadkar, Bruton, Hayes, O’Donnell are in a different class to the relegated plodders in Fianna Fail or in the disingenuous illusionists in the Gilmore version of Labour. Gilmore does anger well but anger is no solution. Anger is great to play to the gallery but the hard yards are made by the donkeys doing the work. Labour should just steal some of the Fine Gael policies on the economy and relaunch as new.

The unstated innuendo that Enda Kenny is the weakest link in Fine Gael just shows me how steriotyped are Fianna Fail. Lenihan, the comical Ali of the government is a great illusionist but Michael Martin does not have the verbal facility to hector and bully in gthe manner of Cowen or Gilmore.

Why should Fine Gael hand away its electoral advantage of economic competence and superior personel to allow Fianna Fail and Labour cover up their inadequacies. Did anyone see the Joan Burton media smash-up on Vincent Browne or the Shortall “rag-bag” collision on Sunday night with Sean O’Rourke? Labour has lots of good reasons to keep its top table under wraps for fear of ‘foot in mouth disease’ while Fine Gael has a team ready to come into the fray at any time.

Enda should have one election debate in English and another as gaeilge. Fine Gael should challenge Labour, Fianna Fail and Sinn Fein to an election team debate on the economy and jobs renewal – First things first! There is NO CHANCE that Martin will frighten or shake up Enda. Enda should focus on Gilmore’s stupid interviews in the Evening Herald and subsequently present the car-crash economic driviing of current Labour.

Meanwhile Joe Higgins is trying to work out how capitalists nationalised the banks and bank debts.