Enda kenny and TV debates

When you’re in a hole be innovative. Mick Martin has certainly done that with his debates challenge. Kevin Doyle in the Evening Herald wrote a brief report entitled “Kenny ‘running scared’ of live TV debate challenge”.

Is this true? Ostensibly it is true.

However, Kenny is showing that he is a different kind of leader and that Fine Gael is a different kind of party. Team Fine Gael – Noonan, Bruton, Varadkar, Hayes, O’Donnell are in a different class to the other parties on economic policy and on national recovery. Field Marshall Kenny has harnessed all these talents to work together cohesively to address the national problems.

Should Kenny pretend to be the sage know-all and polymath who orders other people around? No he shouldn’t.

How does any leader get the best from his staff? Show them respect and motivate them.

In my canvass thus far, the anger towards Fianna Fail is palpable – is it likely that Martin will have an avalanche of volunteers just waiting to be called to account for the blatant incompetence demonstrated by the outgoing FF government? I think not.

So how do you get the troops from the other parties off the streets? Organise a diversion of course.

How do you do that? Challenge Kenny to multiple debates to pretend that you are still the main player when you know that polling data disprove this beyond all reasonable doubt.

Two effects result – Kenny can’t win because if he does not bite, both you and the reflexologists in journalism can call him ‘chicken’.

You can get the press office to give it welly – Kenny the Weakest Link etc

Of course it works – look at the Herald and the Examiner.

Fine Gael of course will react and say that the election is not a leadership beauty contest. The state of the country is too serious for that. That is transparently true but irrelevant to Fianna Fail strategy where FF always comes first.

Enda Kenny is also the type of guy who respects others. He has shown magnanimity in his dealings with internal critics and has tried to put the best team at his disposal on the pitch. (just one hint Enda – Lucyloo is a real talent)

So what is reasonable – a debate with all party leaders is probably the best way to go. Multiple debates deflects from the awfulness of FF in government – acknowledged by Michael Martin and lets him leapfrog the closed doors of Ireland and enter the sitting rooms to try to persuade the people that really we now have FF Nua and that the past is a foreign country. The hard core are to be seduced by nice Mr Martin on television to forget the 437,000 unemployed, to forget the emigration of their children and grandchildren, to forget the negative equity of the family home now a prison, to forget the massive cuts in take home pay, to forget the cuts in carers allowance, job seekers and invalidity benefits, to forget the mad bank policies, to forget the light touch regulation leading to chaos, to forget the decisions that have nationalised the bad debts of Irish banks and headed the state towards the rocks of insolvency, to forget the loss of national sovereignty as 2016 heads down the tracks, to forget the Comical Ali moments of Dermot Ahern and Noel Dempsey as the IMF/ECB stroll along Merrion Street, to forget the HSE and hospital trolleys, to forget FAS, to forget the falling education standards in the country, to forget the abandonment of area regenerations in Dublin, to forget the mad pensions and perks of the electoral elite and I could go on.

So what can the public expect – a live leaders debate – all leaders

Enda Kenny must invite the other parties to a debate on the economy and reconstruction with their economic teams moderated by two agreed referees. Team Fine Gael is Enda’s trump card

This weakest link crap is rubbish. Michael Martin should be asked exactly where did FF go wrong? What exactly is he apologising for? Gerry Adams must be asked has he read the ECB/IMF deal?

As for Gilmore! Well ask him about his Evening Herald no cuts interview. Ask him is Joan representing his views accurately? Does he (Eamon Gilmore) consider the Left Alliance a “Rag Bag” like his comrade Ms Shortall? What are his policies regarding the reality of the ECB/IMF deal over the next nine months?

Then on the economy, what budget deficit does he want this year and if it is less than – €6 billion then where will Ireland get the money to keep going beyond six months and when the ECB/ Irish Central Bank stops filling the replacement requirements of the run on the Irish banks, how will we stop the AIB/BoI collapsing?

Tonight with Vincent Browne on TV3 – my god but Monsieur Browne, you have a gargantuan ego. So you will dictate that three party leaders will sit around to get ratings for TV3. So you will judge and then dictate the “proper” answers to questions. So you will take centre stage as the ringmaster and representative of the little people. How dare you Mr Kenny to ignore this megastar and leave an empty chair. Well if Mick and Eamonn decide to do that, a well timed alternative would be wise. I will, for once, not write here what I suggest. Alan Shatter should have fired an Exocet missile into your bloated ego tonight. I would have and watched you deflate.

Browne’s evident disregard for Enda Kenny is obvious. I look at Fine Gael and think, this is some outfit for an opposition party. I am happy with him as party leader. I have made this clear on billtormey.ie

Eamon Gilmore has a high approval rating from the public as Labour Party Leader. He is a formidable debater especially doing the anger gig. I simply don’t trust him. I do trust Ruairi Quinn and Pat Rabitte.


1. Debate with all leaders of parties – FF, FG, Lab, SF, Greens, Joe Higgins
2. Debate with leader of biggest Dail party only., Michael Martin
3. Debate with second biggest party in polls, Eamonn Gilmore alone

Public interest and information debate between Team Fine Gael and the economic teams of all five Dail parties.

PS Dr Leo Varadkar exposed two Sinn Feiner’s economic illiteracy this week Mr G Adams on Morning Ireland and Mr Caoimhin O’Caolain on Prime Time. I expected no less. That is just a tincture of what Team FG is like.