Howya Barroso! Yis can forget about ripping us off!

Enda Kenny and Michael Noonan visited Manuel Barroso in Brussels to signal their intention to get a better deal for Ireland than is currently in place. Obviously it is the business of the electorate to give Fine Gael the mandate to continue to substantive talks. It is important for the country that hope for constructive action is signalled by Fine Gael. Tales of unemployment and misery abound at the doorsteps. Anger alone will not suffice. That is why a Fine Gael government is the best solution. Red faced huffing and puffing is no substitute for real action. At least Fine Gael is heading in the right direction. The sign post is in the ground for Labour to follow. Fianna Fail has some cheek in accusing Kenny of a PR stunt. Their IMF stunt was not exactly a crowd pleaser!