Enda Kenny on Jobs

Fine Gael jobs pledge ahead of election
Sunday, January 30, 2011 – 04:41 PM

Fine Gael will create 80,000 jobs over the next four years if returned to power, party leader Enda Kenny vowed today.

Launching his election campaign, Mr Kenny also promised a completely new health service, low taxes and a smaller Oireachtas.

“It’s a sensible plan, a realistic plan, to get people working, to get systems working, to get government working,” he said.

The party claims it can create 20,000 jobs every year until 2014 through a cut in employers’ PRSI and welfare reform.

It would use €7bn from State pension funds and the sell-off of State assets to fund infrastructure projects.

Mr Kenny said his party in government would also concentrate on reducing waste rather than raising taxes to cut the deficit, promising to keep income taxes in particular down.

On proposals for the health service, he said they would completely overhaul the current system based on the reformed Dutch health service.

This would slash waiting lists and end “apartheid” in the health service, with universal insurance allowing equal access to everybody, he said.

Mr Kenny claimed a new slimmed-down government, with less quangos and a third less politicians, would reduce public-service costs by five billion euro.

“The systems that people depend on are not working,” he said.

“Or if they are, they’re just not working for the people. With our plan to get Ireland working, we’ll change that.”

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