Propaganda and bombast from Hanafin on TV

On the “Week in Politics” programme on RTE 1 on 30th January 2011, Hanafin was outrageous. She claimed that FG policy would cut front line health and teaching jobs. That will not be the case. There are 600 plus grade 8 posts in the HSE where beforehand at the Health Board era, there were less that 10 such posts. At high salaries, the costs are huge. Teachers and schools have to be prioritised. False promises from FF in the teaching area are legend.

But the bottom line is that Hanafin is a serial Fianna Failer in the worst sense who has an arrogance and hubris beyond belief. I would love to have been in that studio to bury her verbal arrogance. She gets to places in my soul that other angers don’t. Hanafin was let by Sean O’Rourke enter a solo run on Labour and scare tactics on the Left Alliance, Sinn Fein and her version of bogey men and presumably women.

I will take no crap from that awful Hanafin.